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ECA Community College IG - Special Presentation at the NCA Conference

Dear Colleagues,

If you are attending NCA in Dallas, please, make sure to mark your calendars for a special presentation. 

NCA’s First Vice President, Ron Jackson, is sponsoring a special program focused on the relevance of the community college.  The program will take place on Friday, November 17 from 9:30-10:45 in Majestic 4 - 37th Floor (Center Tower) at the Sheraton. 

We are pleased to have Dr. Brenda Kihl, Executive Vice President at Collin College, to join us on this panel to discuss the relevance of the community college in today’s society.  Based on her doctoral research, Danamarie Gallagher from Delaware County Community College will provide an overview of the history of the community college including its multiple missions.   Additionally, Puvana Ganesan, Sigma Chi Eta-Upsilon adviser at Mesa Community College, will focus on the importance of communication education in the community college including the role of Sigma Chi Eta. 

We welcome colleagues from all institutions to join us for this special program and the opportunity to discuss the important role the community college plays in the American education system. 

For more information, please contact Susan Ward at

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